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Our Mission Statement:

To promote balanced and innovative benefits solutions.

Our Company Policies:

  • Carefully match product with the client
  • Utilize niche products to fulfill untapped demand
  • Share in the rewards
  • Partner with charitable groups whenever possible

We are in the business of "selling", however, we remain deeply committed to the principle that a "sale" is merely the culmination of a process whereby the customer has been introduced to the appropriate product. Thus, we consider ourselves "matchmakers", rather than "salespeople". Our job is simply to offer up viable options that enhance your overall benefits package.


  What we can offer your Organization...

The Problem: You'd like to offer additional employee benefits, but you don't want the organization to incur extra costs and you don't know what to offer the employees.

The Answer: Tap into the Employee Benefits Consulting Expertise of CSG. Our services include analyzing your current benefits to optimize coverage - identifying potential cost savings opportunities and facilitating creative solutions by offering niche products that your employees most likely have never been offered.  We tailor our programs to suit your needs, not ours.


What we can offer your employees or members...

The Problem: Your benefits budget is shrinking or perhaps already small, but you still want to offer a comprehensive package to set yourself apart in the market place, attracting and retaining valuable employees. 

The Answer: One of CSG's niche programs.


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